Impounded Dogs

Impound ID When Name Breed Colour Sex Microchip Age Desexed Picture
5438 2018-08-27,04:00p.m. JAH Retriever, Labrador/Cross GOLD MALE 982-0003-5664-8646 4 yrs 3 mths NO
5545 2018-10-09,09:48a.m. FOXY / X black / white FEMALE
5546 2018-10-09,09:20a.m. HUNTAWAY X blkack tan MALE
5547 2018-10-09,04:30p.m. PITTY X tan white MALE
5548 2018-10-11,01:20p.m. MASTIFF X GOLD/BLACK MALE
5549 2018-10-11,01:20p.m. MASTIFF X BLACK / WHITE CHEST MALE
5555 2018-10-14,10:00p.m. MASTIFFX brown/white FEMALE
5557 2018-10-16,07:15a.m. HUNTAWAY/X Black/Tan MALE
5558 2018-10-16,07:15a.m. MASTIFF/X Tan/White FEMALE
5560 2018-10-16,12:06p.m. STAFFY /X black MALE
5561 2018-10-16,11:10a.m. DOON Shepherd, German CREAM & BLACK MALE 981-0981-0645-2648 1 yr 5 mths NO
5562 2018-10-16,07:00p.m. WHIPPET X CARAMEL / WHITE FEMALE
5564 2018-10-17,03:00p.m. AMERICAN STAFFY TAN / WHITE MALE

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