Impounded Dogs

Impound ID When Name Breed Colour Sex Microchip Age Desexed Picture
5610 2018-11-06,11:25a.m. BLUE Whippet/Cross BRINDLE FEMALE 981-0981-0645-1037 1 yr 8 mths NO
6299 2019-07-31,07:00p.m. BULLDOG X TAN / WHITE MALE
6307 2019-08-05,10:00a.m. TIBETAN SPANIEL X BLACK / WHITE FEMALE
6323 2019-08-12,02:00p.m. WHIPPET X tan white FEMALE
6329 2019-08-14,12:00p.m. SHERIFF Dogue de Bordeaux BRINDLE MALE 953-0100-0217-5506 1 yr 9 mths NO
6351 2019-08-20,07:45a.m. AUSTRALIAN CATTLE blk FEMALE
6352 2019-08-20,05:50p.m. JIMMY UNKNOWN 982-0091-0634-1202 11 yrs 6 mths NO
6382 2019-09-04,11:40a.m. MISCHIEF Terrier, Staffordshire Bull /H BLACK & WHITE FEMALE 981-0981-0644-7538 9 mths NO
6383 2019-09-04,05:15p.m. PETITE BASSETT X red white FEMALE
6388 2019-09-03,07:30a.m. LABX fawn MALE
6404 2019-09-11,09:18a.m. COLLIE/ X black/ white MALE
6405 2019-09-11,02:41p.m. MASTIF/X cream MALE
6407 2019-09-13,10:10a.m. WIPPIT/X brindel FEMALE
6411 2019-09-11,01:00p.m. HEADING X TAN/BLACK MALE
6412 2019-09-12,04:00p.m. STAFFY X TAN/WHITE MALE
6413 2019-09-16,11:00a.m. DIXON Maltese/Lhasa Apso WHITE & GOLD MALE 982-0003-5662-7426 5 yrs 7 mths NO
6414 2019-09-17,10:00a.m. MINIATURE/ PINCHER black/ tan MALE
6415 2019-09-17,03:00p.m. MASTIFF X tan MALE
6416 2019-09-18,02:00p.m. MR WATSON Bichon Frise/Shih Tzu BLACK & WHITE MALE 900-0088-0030-4570 7 yrs 9 mths YES
6417 2019-09-19,08:00a.m. LAB X chocolate/ white MALE
6418 2019-09-18,09:00a.m. KUJO Terrier, Jack Russell WHITE MALE 981-0981-0645-3650 2 yrs 3 mths NO

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